Xprocess: Root Cause Resolution and historical views for permanent solutions

Welcome to the fourth part of Xprocess article series where we focus our attention on how you can leverage root cause resolution to implement permanent solutions to your business processes, along with how Xprocess helps you view historical data to identify trends and patterns.

As you know by now, Xprocess is our fully managed, adaptive business process monitoring platform.

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Root Cause Analysis and Resolution Implementation

When failures in your process occur, they need to be investigated and permanent solutions implemented to avoid future similar failures. Xprocess will alert you of failures with the spanner sign in the top right corner within the process task itself:

By clicking on it you will be able to create a Resolution Report, with a description of the failure and correct resolution for it.

In case of a similar failure occurring, you can click on the Spanner icon in the main menu itself and filter on the rule that failed. This will provide you with a history of resolutions and explanation of how similar failures were corrected in the past, helping you resolve current failures quicker.

Once you’ve resolved the failure with a manual entry, the task in the Process Tasks bar will display in blue, meaning resolved.

Historical patterns analysis to identify regular points of failure

In a specific client use case, trades were coming into their portfolio management system and failing each Monday as the only day of the week.

We helped them identify what specifically was failing on the weekend and consequently, causing the service to fail each Monday morning, having to restart it. With Xprocess’ reporting functionality, we analysed the patterns of failures and helped implement a permanent solution.

Xprocess also offers the option of being notified via e-mail of any potential failures, allowing for an even quicker root cause resolution. If you’d like to solve failures in a proactive and timely fashion across your enterprise, please contact us to find out more about Xprocess. We would love to hear from you!