Monitor reference data usage in real-time,
optimise spend and ensure usage compliance


Maintain control of reference data efficiently and transparently

Streamline data operations and reduce costs compliantly

Xmon provides total transparency for reference data flows into, out of and within the enterprise. It is a secure, highly scalable service with no client footprint


Are you using reference data effectively?

Reference data is expensive. It’s also complex and time-consuming to manage. Multiple usage agreements make it difficult to ensure your firm consumes data compliantly and cost effectively. Multiple users make it tricky to track data usage and allocate costs accurately. It’s easy spend too much – or fall into non-compliance.

Maximise transparency and compliance – while saving time and money

Xmon tracks all reference data flowing into and within your organization, how much it costs, who uses it and how. Its real-time monitoring and analytics let you know how much you’re spending, who to bill, and when to cut back. So you can save money and stay compliant.


Connected Applications

2.0+ Million

Reference Data Requests/Year

$360 Million

Monitored Annually


Savings across all Clients


How much could Xmon save your firm?

See how quickly you can return your investment with Xmon, speak to one of our experts today.

SaaS proactive data usage monitoring

Xmon is a fully-managed, secure, cloud-based solution. No installation required. Simply integrate your applications to our cloud-based data proxy and Xmon will automatically track data spend and data usage, allocate costs to clients in real-time and enforce compliance. Our range of powerful tools and simulations lets you unlock usage insights, build advanced reports and allocate spend in a fair and transparent way.



Features & benefits

Easy to manage

Powerful analytics at your fingertips via the intuitive dashboard. Set access controls and usage limits to ensure reference data is consumed cost-effectively and compliantly.

Total transparency

Track every data request to see when your firm purchases data, how it’s used, where it’s used internally, and when it leaves your firm.

Cost control

Monitor data spend in real-time, review expensive requests before they are sent to vendors, and identify cost optimisation opportunities.

Automated cost allocation and invoice reconciliation

Drive cost efficiencies by reconciling invoices, allocating costs and generating accurate invoices across your business.

‘What-ifs’ and simulations

Simulate the impact of price, team and application changes. Use the advanced cost simulation engine to predict costs before you purchase data.

Complete compliance

Apply data permissioning and get proactive alerts on policy breaches as soon as they occur. Avoid non-compliant access to the data and enhance governance.

In-depth analytics and reporting

Make better decisions and satisfy users, stakeholders, management and regulators with custom usage reports and in-depth analytics. Schedule reports to arrive in your inbox automatically.

Data lineage

Easily follow the trail of data from its source to the ultimate consumer via Xmon’s powerful data dictionary and data mapping functionality.

Data operations as a service

The XPansion Data Operations service provides a central data operations and data governance function to allow customers to focus on delivering business value, while data operations, governance and costs are handled by our team of experts, via the Xmon data usage monitoring and optimisation platform.