XMon new release 1.3

We’ve just released XMon version 1.3, a major update to the previous release. This version brings new features, extends existing functionality of XMon and improves end user experience. Version 1.3 was made available over the weekend as a seamless client update.

New Features

Bloomberg bill adjustments and discount factors

Clients are now able to adjust invoices using agreed discount factors or static adjustments on invoices. Bespoke customer agreements can now be modelled in XMon for real-time calculations and customers can also run simulations to see the effects of potential discounts on invoices and spending.

Xmon discount factor screenshot

XMon discount factor user input screen



XMon now supports Bloomberg BVAL type requests with full calculation of prices and categorisation of requests.

OpenFIGI integration

OpenFIGI provides an open symbology repository to facilitate instrument identification over all global asset classes. XPansion is now an OpenFIGI facilitator and provides native integration with the OpenFIGI API. Through this integration, our customers are now able to identify instruments across references and perform more detailed and precise reports within the system. For more information about OpenFIGI and facilitators see:

List of OpenFIGI facilitators


Feature enhancements


We’ve greatly improved our Alerts engine in version 1.3. Clients can now subscribe to more types of real-time alerts and have the ability to filter and look for past alerts more easily.

New pricing matrix

We have extended our Bloomberg real-time pricing engine to include the latest iteration of the Bloomberg per-security pricing matrix. This involves changes in how Credit Risk instruments are priced and categorised and changes to prices for other categories as well. Clients who are on this new model can now configure XMon to calculate their invoices using the new prices by modifying their contract settings in XMon.

OpenAPI extensions

We have increased the scope of our OpenAPI methods to improve integration with client systems and in-house reporting dashboards.

As always, we’d love to hear from you, do reach out if you need more information about this release or for any other enquiry about the product.