Xmon Insights: Expert service at hand for your reference data usage monitoring requirements

What is Xmon Insights?

Xmon Insights helps our clients make the most of the analytics and cost optimization opportunities available in Xmon by providing access to expert analysts in reference data usage monitoring and cost optimisation. 

Who provides Xmon Insights? 

Xmon Insights is delivered by a team of expert business analysts in reference data usage, optimization models and regulatory requirements, who have a deep understanding of the financial services industry for both the sell- and buy-side. 

The Xmon Insights team have decades of experience in reference data pricing models and business analysis, gained from many years working with various asset managers, hedge funds, investment banks, data vendors and data exchanges. 

What benefits can you expect from the service?

You will get experienced analysts acting as an extension to your market data and reference data teams providing intra- and end-of-month services, such as ad-hoc analysis, commercial model discussions, reference data cost optimisation and monthly insights and recommendations. 

With everything from onboarding new consumers and invoice reconciliation to cost profile analysis and tailored spend optimization recommendations, the Xmon Insights team will regularly keep in touch with your team and offer a service customised to your business and data needs. With Xmon’s Insights, our team will save you precious time and offer tailored and straightforward reference data cost optimisations.

Here’s what some of our clients say about Xmon Insights:

“I think the best part of the product is working with the people on the customer success team. You are great!”


“[We like] Everything, especially customer service and detailed and timely answers to inquiries”.

If you’re looking to improve reference data usage transparency and achieve cost savings in reference data consumption, our team of industry leading experts is here to help. Get in touch today!