Xmon: bulk data files cost simulation now available!


Xmon is now able to define vendor bulk data files and run cost simulation based on all requests monitored in Xmon for a given month. If you’ve wondered whether bulk data purchase is more cost effective compared to data purchased using ad-hoc models, then look no further, Xmon has the answer!

Most market data vendors offer a purchase of bulk data on an annual basis, with this data being received automatically, containing a predefined set of fields and securities. Understanding whether or not to use bulk files instead of ad-hoc models is a complex process, which involves sifting through large amounts of data and running sophisticated cost modelling scenarios. With Xmon this process is made simple, repeatable and time-efficient. Xmon is now able to tell you whether adding that bulk file into the plan of your data consumption is more efficient than requesting the same fields ad-hoc. If you do have a bulk file subscription, Xmon will indicate whether it makes sense to keep it.

Setting up this two-step simulation in Xmon is very simple.

First, create a definition of the bulk file, which includes the annual cost and data available in that file:

Second, run the analysis for a selected month. Xmon algorithms will then provide the results in an easy-to-read summary table:

If you wish to find out whether you’re making the most of your reference data commercial models or to learn more about Xmon, reach out, we would love to help!