XMon 1.1: Tracking realtime market data subscriptions

We deployed XMon version 1.1 over the weekend. This release includes several important updates and we thought we’d highlight a few of them:

Real-time tracking of end-user market data subscriptions

XMon is now able to track, for each end user, costs related to Bloomberg terminals. These costs can be aggregated by team, by geographical region and by business line. This, combined with our alerting and reporting engines greatly improves our customer’s understanding and control of costs associated with real-time and delayed data feeds.

Alerts and notifications

We added an alerting engine that helps our customers proactively monitor market data spending metrics, contract expiry dates, SLA breaches and much more. This helps our customers stay on top of important updates related to their market data contracts and usage.

In this update, we’ve also added new reports, extended our REST API and improved our reporting data model… Speak to us if you’d like to know more or for tips on how to save on your market data costs!