XMon 0.5 Beta Released

We just released XMon 0.5 Beta!


This release further enhances the monitoring capabilities of the system by adding new adapters and improving the granularity of the data model for improved reporting and cost allocation.

In this version, we’ve introduced the Bloomberg WebAPI adapter which completes the suite of adapters for Bloomberg’s Data License offering. We now fully support FTP, SFTP and WebAPI adapters for Data License. As will all other XMon adapters, the link with WebAPI is seamless does not involve any client-side software installation.

In 0.5 we’ve also improved the data model of XMon and introduced the concept of a ‘Data Contract’. A Data Contract is a summary of your agreement with your data vendor. It contains any SLA agreements, expiry dates and special pricing arrangements, and is the convergence point of Data Sources in XMon. With contract definitions in place, we can now handle multiple agreements and monitor for SLA breaches at the data level.

As we get closer to our scheduled launch in November, we’d love to hear your feedback on current features or ideas for future releases so do get in touch!


Features in this release

  • New Bloomberg DL WebAPI connector
  • New ‘Data Contract’ model
  • Minor dashboard update for rules visualisation