Try our online data cost simulator

We’ve just released a online version of a Bloomberg data license per-security request cost simulator. The simulator uses the XMon RestAPI to calculate the cost of a given data request and returns a breakdown by asset class and data category. Use one of the provided samples or copy-paste your own BBG per-security request to try it out and get an estimate of your request cost.

The tool is available here and is totally free to use, go ahead and give it a spin!

The simulator calculates the initial hit cost of a data request and does not take into account multi-hits. Contact us for a full-featured trial of XMon, which includes multi-hit support, advanced business intelligence and cost optimisation analytics. All XMon customers also have access to secure RestAPI endpoints which provide advanced integration capabilities and the ability to programmatically integrate to the XMon engine.

Reach out for a full demo of the product and a discussion on how XMon could help you get back control of your data spend.