Track ICE EOD Price consumption in Xmon!

Xmon is vendor agnostic and as such it is able to track usage and control spend over a multitude of reference data vendors. One example of these is ICE. Xmon is able to ingest and monitor ICE EOD price requests and track usage in real-time. Using Xmon you can configure your ICE commercial models and start tracking usage and spend in real-time as the month progresses. Using our advanced analytics, reports and dashboards, you’ll be able to view your organisation’s spend as it is progressing and meeting your estimated budget: No more surprises at the end of the month!

Using the pay-as-you-go rate card, a charge is incurred every time a data request is made. Many data vendors follow this model for their products, including ICE. Xmon is able to monitor ICE EOD Prices usage intra-month, and helps avoid any unwanted spikes in usage and cost. In addition to tracking usage in real-time, with Xmon you can configure alerts that are triggered on abnormal requests or consumption and you can allocate spend fairly to data consumers within your organisation.

Integration of ICE EOD prices is supported in all integration modes of Xmon. For more information on tracking ICE reference data usage and other vendors, reach out to our team here!