Introducing Xmon’s new Cost Optimisation feature!

We are excited to announce that our new, long awaited Cost Optimisation feature page is now live.

Delivering further functionality and quality enhancements in one of Xmon’s core qualities – Cost Optimisation, Xmon now instantly analyses your usage and spend to provide automated optimisation recommendations. This new feature scans your consumption and provides an automatic and intelligent summary of actionable insights, along with their expected savings.

Automatic summary analysis of all recommendations will display for the current month, highlighting total potential savings. These are then broken down and summarised by sections in a clear and easy to understand manner and starting with the biggest potential savings first.

To access this feature, simply navigate to the REPORTS menu and select COST OPTIMISATION:

Amongst other recommendations, Cost per fields section will help you identify categories triggered by just a few fields, adding great value to optimisation discussion in your enterprise. Additionally, clicking on the DATA USAGE SUMMARY hyperlink will take you to our existing page with additional detailed analysis at field and request level, helping to drive your costs down further.

Multi-Hit cost optimisation, topic of our last article, shows you potential savings for static categories and inefficient data requests. In addition, we have added automated percentage allocation of non-production related data request costs.

At Xpansion, we understand the importance of cost optimisation for your business. Our Cost Optimisation feature provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution that can help you identify potential saving opportunities and take measures to manage your costs more effectively and proactively.

Try out the functionality for yourself, or contact us today to learn more about our Cost Optimisation feature and how it can help your business save money and increase efficiency!