Introducing Thomson Reuters DSS Support

Two weeks ago we released support for Thomson Reuters Data Scope select (TR DSS). With this module now in production, clients can track the consumption of static data from Thomson Reuters Data Scope Select.

Thomson Reuters Volume Based Costs

Unlike Bloomberg Data License where data is priced per-request, TRDSS pricing is based on pre-agreed ‘tranches’ per asset class/data type. This means that clients pre-agree volumes with Thomson Reuters and are billed a fixed monthly cost as long as consumption remains within agreed limits.

XMon and TRDSS

XMon provides the ability to have a real-time view on the agreed tranche utilisation. XMon can be configured to send alerts when a quota is reached (or nearly reached) so remedial action can be taken.

On top of this, XMon will identify data consumption patterns and identify optimisations that can be made to reduce tranche size and therefore help take decisions to reduce overall monthly data spend.

Dynamic Excel Dashboard

With the latest release, we also shipped to our customers an Excel dashboard which merges real-time metrics from XMon with Excel’s powerful charting and analysis functionality. On top of reports from XMon, clients can now generate and analyse data cost information, straight from Microsoft Excel.

XMon Excel Dashboard

The latest release of XMon increases our coverage of market data vendors as we aim to simplify and improve control over market data spending for our clients. Do reach out if you would like a live demo of the product or to speak to one of our experts.