Focus on analytics

We were at the Waters Technology Buy Side event last week where panels were focused on enterprise


data management and ways to empower decision makers by providing them with the tools and data they need to help them make informed decisions.

Decisions based on data are made in different areas of the business, from deciding on best recruitment profiles, to deciding on where best to invest and how. Decisions based on factual, timely data collected from internal and external systems and distilled into human digestible information was seen as paramount, a key differentiator and competitive advantage.

 Analytics provide evidence

The parallels with market data management are evident. Decisions on how to optimize costs, what systems to implement, where to invest and how to communicate with vendors are much easier to make when they are based on timely analytics. Analytics provide evidence that can be used to make informed decisions.

In this month’s release, our focus was to improve analytics provided by XMon by augmenting business intelligence reports and dashboard indicators to provide deeper insights into data flows and costs within the enterprise. For example, we added live global cost indicators that show un-monitored costs, invoice re-generation reports, system-level analytics and much more.

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