XMon 0.4 Beta

Over the weekend, we released XMon 0.4 Beta. This update integrates our new reporting engine, powered by the Pentaho Business Intelligence suite.

XMon users can now generate on-demand enterprise-wide cost allocation reports, rejected message reports and export all market data requests made over any time period. The reporting engine supports PDF, Excel and CSV exports and the reports can be configured and generated directly from the XMon interface. We will be adding new standard report types and are working on templates to help our clients reconcile Data Vendor bills. In addition to new templates, the next releases will include a scheduler to automate and distribute the generated reports.

We’ve also been working on the documentation and updated the UI with an interactive Q&A section accessible through the ‘HELP’ menu.

Finally, this version includes several behind-the-scenes improvements to performance, pricing precision and user rights and permissions. As always, we love to hear your thoughts and comments so please do reach out!

XPansion XMon 0.1 Beta is out

We’ve just released XPansion XMon Beta!

XPansion XMon is the first module of our Business Monitoring suite and allows financial institutions to monitor and control, in real-time, static market data flows which originate from their internal systems. By using XMon, clients obtain a real-time view of data flows and their costs, and if required, clients can define rules to limit or control the costs associated with single data requests, data vendors or internal systems. XMon provides clients with the ability to run time series global reports that provide a real-time view of static data costs and flows across the firm.

XMon acts as the ‘man-in-the-middle’ sitting between internal systems and external data vendors and intercepting each request and applying pricing functions and rules to those requests. XMon is able to filter erroneous or unintended requests caused by human or system error and that traditionally cause unexpected peaks in data costs.

XPansion XMon provides the following features:

Consolidated real-time view of all static data downloads

Monitor in real-time all static data downloads from internal systems to external data vendors. XMon intelligently identifies the type of security and estimated cost of the request based on the data vendor’s specifications.

Real-time static data cost control

Implement cost filters and maximum budgets for total control over static data costs. Soft limits can also be implemented so that a manual email approval workflow is required for the data request to be accepted.

Flexible and customizable rule engine

Define hard and soft limits per internal system for cost control, security type and data category.

Time series reporting

Real-time time series reporting across the firm helps identify cost peaks, data cost trends and data traffic throughput for internal systems.

Multi-user capable

Set up users with different profiles and rights all with secure access to the on-line web client.

Multi-system capable

Manage multiple internal and external systems, with customized rules and quotas.