Reference Data Usage: Under Control

Financial institutions find it increasingly difficult to control and report on usage of reference data. Data enters the firm from multiple data vendors who each have their own usage agreement models and it is very difficult for companies to traceback who is internal data consumer for charge back purposes or simply to make sure that usage is compliant to agreements. To further complicate matters, data vendors often have legal frameworks that dictate how data can be used and distributed internally (and externally) and companies are left with the burden of identifying how data flows through their systems and make sure they remain compliant.

XMon Static Data is an advanced, fully managed platform that addresses usage and compliance challenges institutions face when managing data from external providers and internal data consumers.

Monitor market data usage

XMon Static Data tracks in real-time:

  1. Data requested from external data vendors: XMon monitors data requests from external providers and tracks every single data request.
  2. Data flowing between internal applications: XMon monitors data flowing between internal systems
  3. Data exiting the firm: XMon monitors data leaving the firm, for example,  in the form of reports or customer exports.

Every data request in the firm is identified and recorded. This improves transparency, accountability and is the basis for reducing and optimising costs.

Real-time market data usage reporting

Every data request is visible in real-time in the request dashboard. If a request has an associated cost model, its cost is calculated and displayed in the dashboard.

XMon’s real-time dashboard provides unparalleled visibility onto data requests, as they occur

XMon provides advanced reporting capabilities. Build dashboards showing data costs and data flows and schedule these to be distributed internally.

Market Data Usage Control

Once data consumers and data requests are identified. XMon can be configured to control data requests, to ensure they are compliant or simply to ensure that no rogue data request spikes the data bill.

An example data control rule to avoid excessive data costs over the weekend. The XMon rules engine vets every data request, checks it against the data rules defined and triggers alerts if they are non-compliant.

Is the vendor planning to change the commercial model? Not sure how this will affect market data spend? With XMon Static Data this is not a problem and the system can simulate and generate detailed vendor price change reports in a few clicks.

Market Data Usage Reporting

With market data usage, accountability and transparency are key. XMon provides a reliable, central solution that improves transparency, auditability and governance across the entire firm.

XMon Month on Month Report Snapshot

Understand and allocate data costs associated with internal systems, applications and data vendors. Compare costs and data usage across different periods.


XMon is a secure, high performance fully hosted solution that requires minimal client-side footprint.

Any questions? Want to know more?

Do reach out! Let’s get those data costs under control.

Download XMon Brochure

Download XMon Brochure

Key Benefits

  • Monitor market data usage in realtime
  • Create market data cost control rules per data consumer and apply those dynamically
  • Remove the risk of erroneous downloads and unnecessary market data invoice spikes
  • Consolidate and report data downloads across the firm
  • Measure firm-wide metrics for cost, volume and SLA statistics for data downloads across vendors and internal systems


  • Real-time dashboard for market data usage reporting
  • Real-time flow control via quotas and email workflow
  • Flexible rules engine
  • Global time series reporting
  • Multi-user capable with full user permissioning
  • Multi-system capable
  • Scalable, fully hosted platform

Data Vendors

Reference Data

  • Bloomberg Data License
  • Reuters DataScope Select

Real-time price entitlements

  • Bloomberg