About Us

A trusted partner for financial technology, strategy and infrastructure

Xpansion delivers world class solutions to ensure data operations teams have the tools they require to provide access to data in a scalable, accountable and cost effective way. We pride ourselves on our passion for technology, pragmatism in our delivery and commitment to exceeding expectations in everything we do.

Our Story
In the same way that SalesOps and DevOps have become invaluable to sales and development, we believe organisations require a DataOps function to allow users to access data in a scalable, controllable and agile way. Since 2013, Xpansion has been helping organisations maximise the value of their ever-growing data, helping them to unlock their data assets and provide access to data scale.

Who we are
Our management team combines deep and diverse skillsets with considerable expertise honed in the fast-moving industries of data, technology and finance.

Amjad Zoghbi, Director

Amjad is a technical expert with a proven global track record implementing complex financial systems and advising clients on financial systems strategy and infrastructure.

Christophe Plouvier, Director

Christophe is a leading business expert in functional analysis and systems implementation for asset managers, hedge funds and investment banks.

Olivier Corre, Director

Olivier has a proven track record developing core position-keeping financial systems.